Hello everyone.
Yesterday while uploading a file at File Factory,( I had Teamspeak running to), my computer's screen froze. No key commands would work, I had to shut it down manually. After shutdown, my computer failed to reboot. I used the floppy to boot it up successfully. About 1 hour later I was Playing Pacific Fighters,(WW2 flight simulator). The same thing happened the screen froze and I had only 1 choice, to shut it down manually. Now when I turn it on, my keyboard and mouse do not light up and nothing appears on the moniter. I have tried the Floppy and the windows CD with no results.
I have Win XP Pro, A Syntax motherboard, Nvidia Ti-4600 vid card. 1 gig of ram, Athalon 2600 processor. What should I do to remedy this problem and get my box back up and running? Any help will be appreciated. Thank you. ~354~Blujay :sad:

Today I cleaned the inside of my case with compressed air , and checked all of the connections. I also plugged the moniter, keyboard, and mouse into another computer to check them. Everything worked fine on my backup computer. I then reconnected everything to my DOA machine. There was no difference. It seems that the motherboard is not sending power to the PS2 or USB ports. And I cannot hear the Hard drive doing anything. Does anybody out there have any suggestions or comments? I need help in a bad way.

Well, it's a hardware failure. Symptoms of freezing right before it died, and the fact delivering power around the box seems to be a problem.

Can you hear some components powering up, opposed to others? Testing this would be difficult without removing certain components. See if the video card (assuming it has a heatsink fan) is powered, likewise to the disc drives (although I'm guessing you could open/close the CD drive when you attempted the Windows XP disc).

If you want to try something, however... mount your backup machine's power supply into your DOA, and see what happens. Best way to check for fault is to interchange parts.

Nevertheless, let me know which devices seem to generate heat/turn their fans/turn on their lights.

Well, all of the fans power on at startup. The videocard fan works. The cd drive opens and closes. the ethernet card lights up. The lights on the front of the case are working. There seems to be no abnormal heating or hot electronic smell. What I do not hear is the Hard drive, as it usually makes a kind or grumbling sound. It has never beeped at startup since it was new, (which is not normal from what I have been told). I have never seen any lights lit up on the motherboard,(even now). My power supply on the DOA machine is a Macron MPT-400, 400W and has a 20 pin connector, my backup dell has a 330 W power supply and a 24 and 16 pin connector. My motherboard only has 1 ATX connector.

Hmm, if you can't hear the hard drive, then there is a problem with the hard drive. :)
This may be due to power, since the thing's not even making noise, or noise not loud enough to be identified.

1.) On the HD's power cable (try a different power connector)
2.) The ATX supply is likely burned out, since power supplies pretty volatile and are subject to electrical damage. Sometimes certain devices are affected (Borrow or purchase another, with the appropriate pins, of course.)
3.) The HD is busted, meaning... yea, that's not good.
4.) It is fourthly possible the motherboard's at fault, which is almost as bad.