I don't understand why my pc get slower this pass few days. please help!!!:sad:

sagon commented: I have got same problem here. When ever i connect to internet then after few minutes it starts becoming slow performance especially when i use facebook. And my another problem is - when i close any application the computer restarts. +0

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We need a little more info.

*What Os, what brand computer
*What are the specs
*Did you recently install anything
*Did you recently make any hardware changes



My Os is windows xp pro.
and my processor is pentium iii 933mghz.
i did'nt install anything, its just suddenly happen without any changes on my machine.

Thanks a lot,

Bless God
God bless you more...


Do ctrl - alt - del and click processes tab and see whose using all ur cpu/mem

Ok i will do thant,


Hi guys, Site noob here with the same problem on my in-laws machine - p4 3gig, asus p4c8oo mb, 1gig ddr400 ram, 250gig ide, 160gig ide, 80gig sata (boot drive) x2 dvdram drives, crappy graphics card, Very expensive vid editing card, new 500w psu, winxp pro. As i built the machine, its for me to mend but this has completely baffled me. There has been no new software or hardware installed since the machine 'slowed down' I have run the usual stuff...windows disk tools, Norton hasnt come up with any viruses, registry mechanic has cleansed it of limpits and i have recently stripped it down and rebuilt it in the case of a loose connection. I have also unplugged everything so it just had the basic stuff. This caused it to report 'error loading OS'
I dont really want to do a re-install as i am sooo busy at the moment but i cant think of anything else to do. HELP!

Many thanks in advance, Rob.

Hi! This morning i start my computer. And it become hanging for few milisecond evry 1.5 seconds. no virus threat or adware was found. Then i unnistaled some unnided software. cleared temp, tempor. internet files, restarted in safe mode, again litle chek for virus...no found. Then shut down it. then atrted and it works fine.

Couple of things are inevitable with PCs that slows them down:
- Registry becomes fragmented or full of past-installation leftovers
- HD becomes fragmented

Registry can be cleaned and defragmented using tool called "Free Registry Defrag" (among other free registry tools). It defragments and compacts the registry files.

For the HD, there is no simple solution.
Windows come packed with defragmenter, but that one is THE worst one there is. It takes forever and can only do partial defragmentation.
You need to understand the NTFS and it's architecture to understand the cause of the slow-down of your PCs overall performance.
Thing is, NTFS is consists of 3 major parts:
- MFT (Master File Table)
- metadata
- data (actual files and folders)

Windows defragmenter can defragment only the data (pagefile not included!). Rest remains fragmented and keep in mind that MFT and metadata affects everything on your PC (booting time, disk access time, reading time...)
I've discovered program called "PerfectDisk" (latest ver. is 8) and it is THE ONLY defragmenter (so far) that can handle all 3 on that list, with some extra boot-time boosting features. Most of the commercial defragmenters can handle MFT and pagefile, but NONE can handle metadata.
Only problem with PerfectDisk is that it takes long time to defragment the data. (MFT, pagefile and metadata are defragmented by so-called boot-time defragmentation, while data is defragmented regularly)
Quickest so far (regarding the data defragmentation) is Diskeeper. It get the job done in minutes, depending of the state of the partition.

I personally combine those two. PerfectDisk to keep my MFT, metadata, pagefile defragmented and boot files in front of the other files on the partition, and Diskeeper for the rest.
I must say that the change in booting and performance after first run of PerfectDisk was considerable. And those are low-cost softwares.

I don't understand why my pc get slower this pass few days. please help!!!:sad:

1. Slow PC caused by virus, malware, spyware, and worms.

2. Defragment your system to tuneup your slow computer speed.

3. Shortage of RAM will cause slow computer speed.

4. Too many icons on your desktop also will slow down your PC.

*5. Fix registry errors of your system to rescure the slow computer.

Source from: http://www.articlesbase.com/information-technology-articles/slow-computer-fixhow-to-speed-up-your-slow-computer-easily-1482165.html

hey ramiljoaquin..maybe,adding up more memory will give you the answer..
How maNy mb of ram do you have?

Your computer become slow for different reason like virus problem, hardware problem or for too much dump file. Firstly you need to scan your whole pc by anti-virus. Then you need to delete the temporary dump file. Also you can increase the ram of your pc. It can surely boost your pc.

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