I have here a fairly old computer with a windows 98 operation system. Just changed the monitor to a new 17" Samsung flatscreen, and connected to the PC fine with VGA connectors. The result was not too disateröus at first, but the quality of graphics was not too good i.e. bad screen resolution maybe but basically very grainy. Tried all variations in screen resolution settings but nothing fixed it. Now heres where I did something which worsened the problem. but im not exactly sure what I did. The problem is im in a Czech version of windows, and i dont speak very much czech and was basically guessing what i was doing. anyway the end result is that the picture is now really bad and grainy. like when pc is in safemode. i think i did something with the graphicss card settings but not sure what. i just downloaded everest product and apparently i have a nVidia Geforce2 Mx-Mx400 graphics card but something is not allowing it to do its job. In screen resolution page I can not do anything, i have no options. It is just stuck in 16 bit colour, and 640 x 480 resolution.
Can anyone help here?? I guess somehow I need to get the PC and montor talking to the graphics card. My OS is in Czech language so need a really clear answer of how to solve this if going to work my way through czech windows!!!!

PS This is my Father in laws computer. came round to instal the new screen and have ended up making evrything worst. So you can probably imagine the pressure on me to get this fixed ASAP:) thanks in advance for any help.

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It is just stuck in 16 bit colour, and 640 x 480 resolution.

This clearly indicates that the driver took some time out and doesn't work on a Sunday. This happens with 98. Just reinstall the nVidia driver. (I would take the driver that was on the system, no newer version since this could lead to additional problems)

My OS is in Czech language

...and Windows is already cryptic in a language we actually know...:cheesy: Here's a translation website: http://translation.langenberg.com/
Scroll down to the "InterTran" text box, they offer English-Czech online translation and know things like "refresh rate" (občerstvit cena) or "screen resolution" (zástěna odhodlání). Good luck!

EDIT: I didn't consider you use a flatscreen now: Most of them need to be run in a certain screen resolution 1280x1024 (ask the manual), other resolutions are being "interpolated" which can result in a blurry image. Maybe this was your problem in first place.

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