Hi everyone!!

Went to start up my gateway laptop a few days ago and it would boot up as far as the windows screen with the timer on the bottom and then a blue screen would pop up saying unmountable_boot_volume and then it would try and reboot itself.
I found a thread taking you through the repair using a windows XP disc but that will load so far then it comes saying File \i386\ntkrnlmp.exe could not be loaded the error code is 7 ??
Now on the thread that takes you through the repair with the XP disc it says you may need to change your bios settings , it says . Boot from your Windows XP CD. You might need to change the settings at the laptop's BIOS. Most modern BIOS nowadays support a "boot menu", where you can specify which device to boot from without changing the CMOS settings. It is usually tied to the F9 or F10 keypress before the machine boots
Does anybody know which settings i need to change ??

Please help i love my laptop

Hi Jonnie,
I have a HP Pavilion Laptop and the same thing happened to me about 2 weeks ago. After some research i found out that the system needs to be reformatted. So all u got to do is boot from CD (windows XP/ or whatever OS u r using) and reinstall windows. I did it and my laptop works fine now. I hope this helps.