Basically, i have created a list of components which i believe to be compatable, and should build a nice system.

Please would you take a look, and feedback with any comments/recommendations you would like to make, even if it is jus to confirm the parts will fit together and run smoothly.







or would this RAM be better suited, as is recommended by MSI? is there faster RAM from the same range that would be compatable (i.e. hyperx)


i would like (if possible) to wipe my current hdd (SATA/ATA Maxtor 6y120po), and use that in conjunction with the above components, as well as my floppy and dvd drive.

Thank you kindly for your time

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All those components should go together nicely as far as i can see. As for the Ram i personally try to get kingston if its avalible but really the choice is up to u when it comes down to stuff like that. what were you planning on doing for a case just use the old one or are you looking at getting a new one. The only problems i can see with using your old case is whether the new mobo and components will fit ( this depends on how big your case was before) and wether or not the PSU in it is big enough to support all of your components.


Thanx, thats kinda what i was expecting, i think i may need a nu psu, i will research tonight. Also, would i be able to install 500+ speed RAM?

As for the case, i have a decent enough one already, and a motherboard of form factor atx, so the nu mobo should fit w/out any problems.

thank you again

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