hi everbody,

I got a huge problem with my friend's pc. He has a Laptop of Acer a Travelmate 4150. I did a bios update because he had problems that the hardware was not working stable, no soundcard, very slowly running. So I downloaded the last update for his Laptop directly from the Acer page. Then i run the update file and the update was done quite fast. I followed the instructions to shut down the computer. Afterwords I waited a bit and turned it on. But nothing happens on the screen. You hear it booting but the screen stays black. Even the boot Label of Acer is not showing up. So I thought to put the ram block and to reput it again. Afterwords it didn't work yet. The weared thing is that he has two ram blocks and both at the same moment broken is unusual.

So now I know that I could put other ram to try it out, if its because of this put before buing some new ones I'd like to hear what you think that could happen. Please give me a feedback would be cool!!

greets JP

it's dead. when you flashed the bios it didn't work properly for some reason. it's not the ram. you only get one chance with bios. if it goes wrong it's dead. end of story.
the main rule with bios is if it aint broke dont fix it. even seasoned professionals don't like to update(flash) the bios unless it's absolutely nescessary
your only option is to take it to acer and get them to replace the cmos chip. unless you can find from a completely identical machine