Hello all...
So I got a computer off my friend and well heres some specs that I know of.

3.2ghz ht
1 gig ram
x700 radeon pcie video card

anyway he built the machine it worked for a while then one day it shut off and he never got around to looking into it so he gave it to me...

Anyay this is what i does.... It powers on yet nothing ever comes on the screen(the light on the screen stays orange), then after about 30-45secs the computer just shuts off....any ideas as to what could be wrong? thanks

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Do you notice any beeps, do you hear the fans running? Have you checked any of the hardware?

No beeps, all fan work (heatsink fan, psu fan, case fan, fan on video card), only hardware thats in there right now is mobo, ram, cpu, video card, hard drive, and a dvb capture card...everythig seems to sound like its working then it just shuts off after like 30 secs


could be anything. suggest you check all the connections, are they properly connected, are the cards in firmly.
Then move round the board cheching each component as you go.
What make/model motherboard? what bios? Does it post (beep) when you turn it on, if so how many times, long or short beeps.
What was the last component added before it stopped?
If it has two ram sticks try one at a time, if it works with one and not the other thats it.
one way is to take everything out that you can till it runs then add one at a time until it stops again, thats your iffy component

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