I have a HP VT6200 that I shut down normally and all was fine. I came back about 4 hours later and pressed the power switch and all I got was a battery light, a power light and a very dim HDD light (dim HDD light is normal until after the unit tries to boot from floppy of CD). I've got no fan, no screen, no keyboard light, natha, zip, zero. I have connected it to an external monitor and got nothing. I have removed one stick of ram at a time and got nothing either time. I have tried to boot the bare board and got no beeps or anything. I have removed the battery and power supply then pressed and held the reset button for 20-30 seconds and then held the power switch over for about 30 seconds. I've still got nothing. I have also replaced the CMOS batery with a new one and still nothing. I currently have my laptop stripped down to the last screw and every plug in component removed. I AM getting good at assembly and dis-assembly of this machine.

Does anyone have any suggestions before I part it out on EBAY? Seems like it is the motherboard. I cam get a refurbished motherboard from HP for $248.00. But I THINK it's the motherboard.
My wife has the same laptop so I can test parts before I put it on EBAY. She will not however, allow me to swap motherboards to check it out.

Suggestions? Other than waiting for my wife to go on "girls night out" and swapping motherboards while she is gone.:twisted:

CJ Elmore
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


I have an Omnibook vt6200. The other day I was using it and the screen suddenly went black. At first I thought it was just the power, but then I realised that the screen was still on but EXTREMELY feint. It is so feint that I cannot work like this. I have tried connecting the laptop to an external screen and it WORKS!!

What can I do to fix the vt6200??