My emachines w4682 socket 478 stopped working on me and I bought a new asus 478 socket motherboard. When I plugged everything up it would not boot to windows. It was reading the c: and d: but would not boot to windows so I reinstalled the restore discs that came with the w4682. Then it stopped reading the c: and d: I removed the battery to reset the bios and now it recognizes the drives in the bios but will not boot to windows. The only drive I can boot to is the floppy and when I type c: or d: it says invalid drive. When I take the floppy out all it does is keep restarting. I really don't know what to do, any help would be appreciated.

Did you just move the hard-drive from the old computer to the new one without reformating? It would be best to install the OS on the hard-drive now that you've got a new MB. If it uses XP then it needs to recreate the HAL, so reinstalling the OS is essiental.

What I did was take a hard drive from a different machine without reformating and put it in the w4682 computer. Then I reinstalled the restore discs that were for the w4682 which says it will reformat the disc before it installs the software that came with the machine. The restore discs are actually symnatec ghost that came with the computer. I don't know if that matters or not. When it was complete it told me to remove the disc put it in a safe place and push any key to reboot. That's when it just keeps restarting, unless I put a bootable floppy in.