finshed my new rig a while back and it didnt turn on i put the mobo on a phone book took everyhting out reinstalled all mojor components one by one and it turned on fine bboted up and everything do is how could i make sure in not a grounding issue i think its the stand offs and if it is grounding how can i fix it?

asus p45ad2 mobo
p4 640 3.2ghz
1 gig ddr2
radeon x850xt
500w xconnect psu
2x 160 gig seagate hdd
nec dual dvd burnner
thermaltake armor case
cooldrive 3 hdd monitor
21" viewsonic monitor

go to your local hardware store and buy the little electrical testers, they have 3 lights on them, and depending on the pattern they create they can tell you a lot of things about your houses electricity. Particularly if your electrical socket is not grounded, the last house i lived in at 2 sockets in my room that were grounded, and the one where my desk was was not grounded (of course that is something the landlord had to fix not me) so i ended up running extensions cords to a grounded outlet.
if you have a multimeter that can read 120V ac you can also check the voltage yourself. Check it between hot and ground (Should be 120), check between neutral and ground (should be 0), between hot and neutral (should be 120)

110 - 120 is in the ballpark, however....

if hot-neutral = 110 AND neutral-ground = 10 (basically something that adds up to 120) then that means you have a voltage leak somewhere in the electrical which is not good and you should get someone to come look at it

oah another thing when you start up your computer go into the BIOS and view the system status and view all the current voltages, let it stay there for 10 or so minutes until the computer is nice and warm, if they deviate too far for your systems specs then something is wrong... it might not even be your electrical but instead your power supply inside of the computer

shes alive! up and humming it turns out it was the I/O sheild causin the short thx for the help