Hi everyone, new here.. I'm trying to figure out what is wrong with my PC. This is what happened...

I had just shut down a game because the sound was crackling, restarted, and my computer froze after Windows loaded. Nothing would work, no mouse, ctrl alt del, nothing.. So, I did a hard reset. After doing this, the PC seemed to boot up normally, but no signal was being sent to the monitor. I reset again. Still no post to monitor. I shut down the computer for a few minutes, and then booted it back up. On the post screen it said "CPU has been changed, please save" Something like that. Went into Bios, saved, and it booted to Windows normally. After a minute or so, it completely froze again. Went through the whole shpeil again, with the same results, only this time, I managed to squeeze in a system restore to the day before (I had DLed a new game that day so I wanted to go back). This time the computer stayed on and worked for at least a few hours, then I shut down for the night. This morning, more problems. Booted into windows normally. Then the hard freeze. I give up. Any ideas on what the deal is? Any help is appreciated!

Everything is less than a year old.

Win XP Home
Pentium 4 2.8 Prescott
1 gig RAM
Radeon 9250 Video
80 gig HD


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1. Well, i have a similar problem, but after a 6-7 sec everything goes back to normal and it is happening one on a sesion. Have you tried to wait for a few seconds ?
2. It could be a problem with the power supply, with a bad power supply some motherboards report bad bios checksum. If it is happening when your CPU and GPU are a fully loaded there is a big chance that it is the power supply foulty.
3. Check does the all the components are fiting the slots OK. Try to remove memory and graphic card and reinsert it in a slot. Try with the all PCI cards too.

Sory for the bad english.

Its not a problem, thanks for your help.

At this point, if the PC does post, it freezes entirely within about 30 seconds.

We have an Antec Truepower PS and it is very new, less than a year old, for sure. We've decided to buy a new mobo, just in case, and if its not that, it was time for an upgrade anyway. If it is the processor, its still under warranty, so we're okay there. All the ram and video cards check fine (we've tested them on the working PC). But, I suppose at this point, it is narrowed down to the CPU, Mobo, or PS. However, if its the PS, I'm going to crap myself, lol.

Thanks for the help, if anyone has anymore input, it is welcome.

Check if the components are getting overheated. The symptoms you describe are consistent with an overheating problem.

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