i hav problem woth my inspiron 1150 Laptop make dell. it is not detecting the Hard disk. showing primary Hard disk 0 not found. how ever hard is working fine and i dont see any thing wrong with the PC.pl solve my problem

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Hello, I have used the Shrink Volume feature of Vista to portion the hard disk. After the Shrink Volume, I'm not able to view the unpartitioned disk. Total disk space 180GB. After shrink volume the C drive reduced to 100GB, but not able to get the remaining 80GB. How can I get the remaining 80GB? The Vista is installed on Toshiba Satellite P205-S7469 Laptop Thanks, Arun Valdar

hi ali sadaf, if you're sure that your hdd is working fine then it could be the scsi controller on your mobo is not working fine, but how can you be sure that your hdd is working fine when your system can't detect??????????????????????

hi gvaldar. try to removed the partitioned in your hdd, plug it to an external usb enclosure and partitioned your hdd using another pc..

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