So last night, I was turning my computer off after playing a video game, and went through the start menu to turn off the computer. I was tired and lazy, so instead of clicking "Turn off" like I normally do, I just hit enter... which I noticed put my computer to stand by. 9 hours later when I turned it on this morning... nothing happened (meaning none of the fans turned on, nothing showed on my monitor, nothing at all happened). I have a ASUS A8NSLI Deluxe motherboard, and I use the keyboard to turn my computer on (CTRL+Esc), when that didn't work, I use tried the power button on the chasis... no go...

So I decided to crack the box open, and popped the battery off the motherboard. Reinserted it back it... and still didn't turn on. The last thing I tried was clearing the CMOS with the jumper... Also didn't work...

The power is going through motherboard... the LED on it turns on when I plug it in. As well as my keyboard which also has an LED which tells me that there's power going to it. I've done nothing out of the blue... I didn't install any new hardware, or software... just played a game and turned it off.

I'm out of ideas as to what I can do...

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Standby... it's done problems for me before, but I usually waited it out. I remember turning off my power supply, and quickly press the power button to bleed any leftover power.

From there, I would a few minutes, turn on the power supply, and try another boot. It's strange you can't get anything out of the box, though. Try the power turn off/on, but I'm confused as to whether or not fans/devices are turning on, besides LED stuff. Because this is a lot more serious if those things don't.

Seems like a power issue, for the most part. If you can get ahold of a different power supply, or try a new wall socket configuration, or both, that'd be the best test for the machine.


I guess this is more serious, then, because none of the fans turn on - CPU, vid cards, or chasis... I tried powering on/off the way you said, and it didn't work. I'm going to try another power supply tomorrow and see how it works out...

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