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Computer is 3-4yrs old PIII-500MHz, Win98SE OS. When I attempt to power up the computer, everything appears to load as it has in the past. However it never gets past the Windows logo display. I have attempted to boot in safe mode (same issue). I am able to access the BIOS, and do not see anything out of the ordinary there. I have not made any recent changes to the computer. In fact, it rarely gets used. We have a newer laptop and use that instead.
Due to the age, could this be a CMOS battery issue? Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks

its probably not the cmos battery as it would most likely ask for the time and date when you turn on your computer. The only thing i can think of is a format reinstall of windows, i had that happen to a windows ME mechine and thats what i did


You may want to try loading a 98 floppy.....get to dos and run scandisk c: and see if any errors...if so and they get fixed, then try booting.

Now, if that does not work, get to dos again and try scanreg /fix and let it clean up your registry in dos. Try again.

You could also try scanreg /restore and recall an earlier dated set of registry files....then try again...

Otherwise, I would be interested in taking the dead notebook off your hands (if interested, let me know details)..... PM me...

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