:sad: Can someone help, I have a toshiba satellite pro 4600 which once I power it up, it goes straight to password. My problem is I don't know the password, I purchased the laptop at an auction. I've tried leaving the BIOS battery disconnected, no luck. tried powering up with the battery disconnected for 5 seconds then powered down, reconnected battery, no luck:sad:. Is there any other way to get by the password or disable the password, short of sending it in to a Toshiba Aurthorized Service Center:?:

I heard but don't know that there are 3 types of PW that can be placed on this machine:surprised. Do anyone know anything about 3 types of passwords:?:

Is the password on the BIOS or is the password on the computers operating system. I dont know any ways to reset the bios password however there are a few things that you can try if it is windows.

1. Boot the computer in safe mode and check and see if the administrator account still has the default password(which is nothing)
once logged into there then either delelte the other users or simply create a new one for you. then restart your computer

2. another thing that you can try is simply reinstalling windows which will make you the default owner.

Is it a desktop or a laptop, because if it a desktop there is a jumper on the motherboard to reset the BIOS password. The label next to the pins should either be labelled BIOS PWD or something like that. If it is a laptop I do not believe there is a jumper. If you know someone that is fairly tech-savvy have them reset the BIOS password using the jumper. Hope that helps, and I apologize for the late response.

I can't even get to the safe mode, as soon as the computer (laptop) screen comes up, the words password: comes up. Its allows me to try 3 pw's before the computer shuts off after the third incorrect try.

Your gonna need someone who knows what their doing. There's going to be some disassembling done if you want that password gone. Unless you got experience with taking apart laptops I wouldn't suggest it, otherwise hit up a techie friend who knows what he's doing. Hope this helps.