Right now I'm working with an ASUS A7V8X-X, and it has proven to be most reliable and right spritely. I have the feeling if I get into some relatively heavy duty multimedia and video production that it might falter somewhat.

I'm limited as to what I can spend at the moment, but I'd like to seek out a Mobo that might be the next best upward movement, utilyzing the CPU, FSB and RAM needed for approaching professional work. I would like to get the best FSB that won't break the bank. I can be satisfied with a not-as-fast CPU, especially if I can go higher down the line. I also need to know minimum amounts of RAM for doing decent work, as well as anything else I might need to seek out in my search.

If anyone has any Mobo in mind I'd like to know that as well. I just need to get off the ground.

Thanks for reading this, and any input you might be able to share.

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The best way forward now is to go for dual core or AM2.

take a look here.


commented: Fast and most helpful response, thank you! +1

Thanks bunches, very neat; and a lot of resource materials. :))

I cannot remember if I posted to you, or not, but thank you for the fast & thorough input. It will help me a great deal in my search for the next level of computing.
Regards, Giddyup
PS: If this is a duplicate post my apologies.

Thats ok. I usually go to aut direct in person as they aren't far from where I live. Their customer service is excellent and they will arrange delivery etc.

They also deal with a lot of large local businesses.

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