I have an Imac G4 600 running Os 10.3 and a external USB1 LiteOn Lsc-24081MX DVD-RW. When I connect the burner the Imac does not see it. Toast says no recorder detected. Read a post on another mac forum that says that LiteOn drives just doesn't work on mac. But an other post says that this guy has a emac with the sameburner as mine and that it works perfectly. I'm VERY new to the mac world, so answers should be well explained, plz. Hope someone can help me



The website from LiteOn doesn't list Mac OS X as a supported operating system. While that may not necessairly suggest that it won't work, it doesn't shine to nicely on the subject. A lot of devices are cross-platform.

You can look into the System Profiler found on your system volume, and inside the Applications --> Utilities folder. See if the System detects it within there.

If you have another Mac around, you might be able to try it and see if the component works there. If not, you might need to wait around until OS X 10.4 and see if it is supported there.

Let us know,


Ok, tried to check the system profiler under USB, and only my mouse was listed. We have another Mac here, but it was the same story :-/ Tried to restart it and the check the /var/log/system.log but no trace of the LiteOn device.

Thanks for taking your time to help me :-)



I think you are going to be out of luck. You might try seeing if the guy you read about who has it working on his eMac has contact information available. If so, write him and he might return back with some thoughts too.


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