Hey guys, new user here because I am having an issue with my Laptop. Bear with me here, kind of long, but I would appreciate it if you could give your time to help. First the specs:

Compaq Presario R3000Z Notebook (2 years old)
AMD Athalon 64 3400 processor
768MB ram
15" (I believe) Widescreen
NVIDIA GeForce4 440 Go 64MB Video Card
40GB Harddrive

Now, I searched but couldnt find something where the problem was exactly the same as mine, and if it was close, I tried the remedies suggested to no avail.


I get absolutely no display on my laptop, nothing, its not dim, as if the backlight were out (although this is what tech support at compaq is telling me is the issue). I have hooked up a buddies CRT monitor externally and this is working flawlessly (I have to push FN-F4 to switch screens, so I know that), which, I would think, rules out software or graphics card issues.

When it FIRST went out on me, I was in class, and I turned it on. The main screen came up to type in my password, but it was flickering with vertical lines on the screen, so I restarted it and got nothing but black.

I tore it down and checked connections everywhere, went underneath, cleaned everything, took it down to the frame, took off the keyboard, checked the screen connection to the motherboard, all seemed fine, so I put it back together, and still, nothing (Still pressing the FN-F4 button to alternate screens). I plugged my buddies screen again and it was fine on his screen, and I tried the FN-F4 button one more time and what do you know? Laptop screen turns on again, flawlessly. Now, this only lasted 2 days before the problem started again, and that is where I am currently at. I have also tryed booting in VGA mode, and that doesnt work either. Ran a virus scan, and nothing is showing up. Not sure what else to do here.

No software updates have been performed, nothing has been changed, with the exception of installing a game a few days before it happened.

Can someone pleaaassee help me, I've been working at this for nearly a week and I need this thing in class to take notes with, as I am horrible at keeping up with pencil and paper, lol.


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I don't think there's a magic solution for this.

Look at what you have: machine is perfect except it will not display on the internal display.

When it first became apparent, the display was all distorted with vertical lines, flickering, then it went completely.

Once, it seems, you got the display back after fiddling inside, but it went again.

Compaq have told you it's the display and all the evidence points exactly at that.

You've got to face facts: the display is broken.


The reason I was doubting that that Compaq was right is because they said that the backlight was broken, and it is certainly not because when you turn off the backlight, you can still faaaiinttly see what is on the screen, and what I was seeing was nothing but black.

I do have an update though, I went back inside my computer, this time, taking off the screen itself and fiddling around with wires, making certain that they were secure, and when I turned it back on, VOILA!, working again...this is pretty strange, and I can only hope that it will work for good this time.

Any more insight to this?

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