a couple of days ago i was surfing the net minding my own business, when all uf a sudden, my IDE 60gb HDD started making a familiar clicking noise .. and sure enough its now dead.

thats fine though, because i recently bought a 250GB maxtor maxline III SATA HDD and i have all my files on that.. it even has a partition ready with 25GB space for an OS. but since i didnt need it right away i used that space to test windows vista RC1 which worked fine.

after my 60GB HDD failed i put in my WinXP cd and started the install. i removed the 25GB partition on my new HDD and made it again (seemed like the easy thing to do). XP was installed with no problem, and i installed all the critical software and driver etc. as soon as i could. no problems encountered so far! when im done with the drivers on my mobo cd i take it out, and for the first time after the winXP install i restart without a bootable cd in the cd-rom (not the first time i restart, but the first time without bootable cd). when detecting prim. master / slave at start up, it doesnt find my SATA HDD (and im not sure its supposed to, but cant remember). it it goes on to find SERIAL CH0 maxtor bla bla etc. but then it says Disk Boot failure.

at this point i kinda panic a little, but then i take a look at the boot sequence. under HDD it says none, and i cant select my HDD or find it, and im not sure how to do this in the bios (doesnt seem to have that function?) however , i look around but cant really find anything so i am at a loss...

now for the really weird thing!

i decide to put in my WinXP cd just to check, and it ask to boot from cd, which i dont... and voila! it starts to boot up from the HDD and suddenly im in XP again.. so i try it with another bootable CD (mobo cd) and that also works. i take out the cd again and it says disk boot failure again... :eek:

i have an ASUS VIA kt600 series mobo

please help!

by the by.. useful info
i had a maxtor Diamondmax 10 300GB SATA HDD not to long ago that ran with Winxp, and the 60GB was not installed.. no problem what so ever...

After further investigation and help from friends, i have concluded that the issue must be the MBR which was probably on the crashed HDD.

I suppose that would explain the problem. my question is now, should i use fixboot or fixmbr to fix this? i guess fixmbr but im not sure. if that is the case i will also have to use the map command.

if anyone could quickly explain how i should go about this, as i have NEVER used recovery console before, and dont really know what i am doing. Thank you :)

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