Ok, I KNOW there are a couple of guys out tere rolling their eyes right now, but REALLY, it's NOT MY FAULT!! The other day, while I was AT WORK, the kids were playing on the computer and it suddenly shut down on them. The exact details are pretty murky, because with 4 kids come 4 very different stories. What I do know is that when I checked it out myself, it starts to boot ok, goes to the "Boot in Safe Mode, Boot in Last Known Good Configuration" screen, then you try any of the options, it starts to boot, flashes the Blue Screen of Death for a split second, then starts the boot sequence again. I want to check the hard drive on my computer but was wondering if there are any software suggestions for checking the hard drive, other than the basic Windows Disc Check and ScanDisc?

REALLY, it wasn't ME!!:-|

Sounds like you're using Windows 98...if this is your work computer, ask your boss if he has a disc, UNLESS you have important info on their, if you have important info, you would have to take it out, connect it to another computer, and move your files (I have no experience with this) and then install the O/S over. Otherwise, I dunno...when you reinstall though, get Hijack This, and scan it just in case!

First, please don't include the ENTIRE post in font.

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Hi TinglyCourier,

Ok, I KNOW there are a couple of guys out tere rolling their eyes right now

I don't think so, but I had a good laugh. :cheesy: Poor dad again! And no, unlike in the old days, there seem to be no disk check tools that surpass the crippled stuff that came with Windows back then. Chkdsk seems to do everything we need today.
But AFAIR, the "Last Known Good Configuration" worked for me on rare occasions, too. If you can still boot up in Safe Mode... isn't it possible to run System Restore from there and select an earlier restore point?

My Friend, ALAS it would not boot in Safe Mode, I did install the HD in my computer as a slave and ran all the system tools, I'm about to see how that worked. Pray for me Brother!! LOL

Good news! CheckDisc WORKED! Had a few bad sectors, Windows fixed those, ran Defrag then after an argument with the computer about weither the jumper should be set at Master or Cable Select (computer winning with CS) It's up and running again. TinglyCourier 2 / Hardware 0. Kids also 2 I suppose! LOL. I still have another issue to tackle before all problems are solved, but this one isn't holding up any computer time and is on an OLD HD so we'll see if I bother harassing any forums on here about that one. Thanks again all!

Hurray! However, it seams like you're using 98, so be aware, the problem could come back :O

NOPE, XP and it's the kids computer anyway. So if it does, they're gonna have to wait this time.

Lol, I didn't even know Windows XP can have the BSOD, my Windows 98 SE used to have it ALL the time, but never had problems with it on this pc! *guesses he's lucky* well good luck!