I have a Toshiba Tecra laptop that has worked perfectly for 1 year.
After using it for 6 hours yesterday I noticed that there was some small faint fractal pink area that developed on some areas of the screen.
I reboot the machine.
The problem persisted.
I used in to drive another monitior and it was there on the second monitor too.
I allowed the machine to cool and it started without the problem but 5 minutes later I noticed the problem again even before the machine was more that a little warm. When I move the cursor it seems to trigger the problem in parts of the image.
When I reboot the machine and the Toshiba image appears I see thin black vertical stripes through the Toshiba letters.
Anyone seen this problem?
I asume that this must be a heat sensitive failure in the video card. So this needs to be swapped out?
This means swapping out the motherboard on a Toshiba, right?
I have never had this done. Can this be simply done in a way that does not require reloading the programs?
I hope so.
Help with some comments greatly appreciated.

Not generally fixable. A known problem with the Techra. Now that Toshiba does not do their own parts and repair, it is difficult to get anything repaired.
Since it is a known problem, I would call Toshiba to see if they have a fix.