A week ago my dvd/cd rw drive worked perfectly, but now when i try to put dvd rw, dvd r disks in my computer it doesnt read them and tells me its a blank CD. When i put any cd in my computer it reads it and it works fine. I tried uninsatlling the DVD/CD Drive drivers and then reinstalling them and i uninstalled all of my cd.dvd burning software too, ive tried everything i can think of... is there any way to resolve this without reinstalling windows.... or if i have to reinstall windows will it definately work? Thank you for looking

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PS, im on a gateway 7330 laptop

The fact that it recognises CDs but not DVDs points to a problem with the pick-up mechanism. If the laptop is under warranty, send it back to gateway for a replacement. If not, send the drive in for repair.

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