I've been asked if you can run an EIDE drive with a SCSI drive on the same machine ? The SCSI was original. He's adding the EIDE and tried chg'g Bios to boot.
Now having problems booting.
I used Norton GHOST to transfer system and everything from the SCSI to an
EIDE and set the BIOS up to boot up from the EIDE. We boot up OK but I
will not go into Windows unless I leave the SCSI in the PC. Just as it
starts to go into Windows (XP pro) it looks for that damned SCSI and, if it
is not there, the PC reboots and reboots and reboots and... ""

How can I advise ?

Sorry, I don't know much about Norton Ghost, i.e. "Does it transfer bootsectors correctly". If yes, I guess it won't copy a partition table from one drive to another. Then this could have happened: The SCSI drive has a working bootsector *and* the boot partition is set to "active" - the IDE drive misses one of them. During boot, the BIOS looks for the boot sector on the partition marked as "active" and finds it only on the SCSI drive, but then may continue booting on the IDE. That's why it looks as if everything's fine until you take out the SCSI. Then no boot sector is found on all remaining drives in the boot sequence and the computer restarts.

Solution: Run FDISK on the IDE drive and make one partition "active", then try again Norton Ghost.

you need to adjust boot sequence in BIOS, go to advanced settings and make first boot device to HDD(IDE).