Hi guys,

I just bought a Seagate 320GB Sata II hard disk drive, initial plan of it is to store all my files. I already have a 120GB Sata I drive that I am going to keep as my primary drive so that the Windows XP can run of that.

Once i plugged in the new drive booted up the comptuer, windows loaded found the new device and installed. Now the problem is, the new HDD doesn't come up in the list when I open up My Comptuer. I went into Device Manager, and checked if it is listed in there under Hard Drives and it is. It also said that "this device is working properly". :sad:

If any one has an idea as to why it won't show up in My Computer and what i need to do would be greatly appreciated.


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You need to partition and format your disk. You can do that by right-clicking your new disk in Disk Management and selecting New Partition. Once that is done, right-click and select "Format"

hey itz me again... i fixed the problem. I needed to format the new drive and assign a letter to it! I just had to read thru the other threads.

Thanx anyways... sorii for waisting space lol

and thanx David..

Marking this thread as solved.

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