Hello, I have a ProView 482i LCD monitor that came with the PC when I purchased it. The monitor was manufactured in 2004. My problem is, the LCD monitor works fine, until I leave it alone for long periods of time. When the monitor goes into standby mode, (i think) it will turn the power light from green to amber.(not the problem)The problem is, is that when I try to use the PC again, the monitor wont respond. Mouse clicking, typing shaking the desk..nothing works. So, I turn off the PC and try to reboot but the monitor is still not responding. The power light is still amber. The PC boots up fine but the screen is black and the amber light is on. So then I tried to unplug the monitor for about 2-3 minutes then replug it, then boot up the PC again. This time, the power light is green but blinks in about a 2 second interval. From this state it is very hard to get it to change. I have to unplug EVERYTHING for a while only to replug everything and then the power light does nothing. If it ever is off, press the button and I turns green but the display is blank. If anyone has ever had this problem or can help me..PLEASE DO SO(srry for caps but this has gone on for about a week)I wanted to see if anyone knew b4 taking it in to be looked at or replaced.

---------Thank You

That ProView has reached the end of its useful product life. It will get worse until it never turns on again. We see hundreds of them... all failed and all unfixable.
Next time, by a Samsung, LG, Sharp, or Dell (which is made usually by Samsung)... that have three year, four, or five year warranty. It is the warranty that will tell you how long to expect it to last.
Low priced flat panel screens last about 17 months on average.