I plan to get a fx 55 processor. The price is down to 150-175 new.
Does anyone reccomend a nforce 4 or a via motherboard.
also it appears that pc3200 ddr mem and ddr2 mem will work.
what is the difference if any?

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I would try nForce4. 'PC3200' refers to a Front Side Bus speed of 200MHz and is not related to 'DDR2', which can be translated to "dual-dual data rate", that means the "virtual" data rate is 4x the FSB.


nForce 4 has a nasty bug with SATA II HDs. I speaking from my own expiriance. I had to do some magic tricks to install the XP on my system. Sufice to say, it included degrading to SATA I and f6 drivers didn't (and still don't) work!

Had to beg the Maxtor to email me special firmware upgrade that made SATA II mode possible on my HD AND nForce 4.

It has hardware-based firewall (ActiveArmor) that tends to corrupt data on some systems. I had no such expiriance, but google it a little, and you'll find countless forums on that topic.

But, it is OCer's choice and hell of the chipset.

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