I have a hp vectra qs/16s mb part number d1470-69002
When i turn the computer on it gives me a post code 352 {no keyboard present}. i connected the keyboard to my ibm 5170 and works fine.when connect to the vectra the lights for num lock,caps lock,and scroll lock dont light up but do light up when connected to the ibm 5170.After the error code is displayed the computer stopps responding.If i unplug the key board the pc continues to screen saying press f1 to continue.when i plug the key board back in it beeps continuosly.I did swap keyboards even though i knew it was fine and same thing.Im thinking maybe i lost power going to keyboard?I check the pins and found to be fine.any help woul be apreciated. Oh just to let you now ive been using this pc for a month straight to copy software from 5 1/4 floppies to 3.5, so its not like its been stored away hit or dropped.

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Well, if the alternate keyboard didn't work, I would go out on a limb to say that you lost power to the ps2 port. (assuming you are using ps2 to connect your keyboard). One thing you may try to do is 1. get a USB Keybord, or a PS/2 to USB adapter (these can be kind of pricey, and you have to make sure you get the right one, they have both usb->ps2 and ps2->usb adapters) and see if you have the same issue. Since the PS/2 ports are part of the motherboard it isn't really something that is easy to fix, but easily to work around.

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