ive got this problem for few hours by now, ive connected another HD to my pc and tried to turn the pc on, i could hear that the pc turned on but there was no display.
i disconnected the new HD and tried again and the same thing happend.
the monitor is turned on and if i disconnect it's cable from the pc it does say that the cable isnt connected which means (i suppose) that something is wrong with the pc, how can i fix this?

please answer quick, ive got no life without my pc :P
thank you.

p.s. ive tried removing and replacing that CMOS battery or whatever it is and it didnt help. :(

greaphics card is nackered, try a new one

I have also the same problem.Do you think it is BIOS problem??Please write us as soon as possible.

im guessing your extra hd is going to be a slave hard drive, make sure youve got the jumpers set up right, to make it act like a slave drive. if its a brand new hard drive with nothing on it, you should be able to take the jumpers off completly on both of them, and it will load the one up with windows on it.

also make sure everything is connected nice and snug, just to be sure disconect things and reconnect. you might have nudged something out of place when putting in your hard drive.

are you getting any beeps???

if you hear some beeps, you need to find out what make of motherboard you have, listen real carefully the pattern of the beeps, and then google your motherboard and "beeps" and you should find what the problem is from what the beeps are.

you should try and take out your graphics card, if you have one, and plug the monitor straight into the mobo.

youve replaced the battery, but have you actually cleared the CMOS on the mobo, check out your manual, or find out your motherboard model and see if you can get the manual online, it will tell you what to do to clear the cmos properly.

hope you get it sorted.

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