Thanks in advance for any assistance....

I have a Viewsonic E70fb which is a 17" (I believe) CRT and a Dell XPS using a 128 mb DDR ATI Radeon 9800 Pro. I have had this set up for 3 years or so with no problems. Lately, my monitor seems to take longer (up to 20 to 30 seconds) before it will display anything. Once the monitor shows the log in screeen, I have no problems.

My question: Is my issue with the monitor or with the video card? My guess would be that a part is wearing out on the monitor because it is almost as though it needs to "warm up" but once it is going, I have no problems. I would expect that an issue with the video card would consistently be an issue regardless of how long the computer is on.

Again thanks for assistance.


could be both
i have 3 pcs all of them i have noticed, take longer over time (mainly CRTs compared to LCDs i have noticd)

Once the monitor shows the login screen, does it work if you reboot the system?

My wife had an issue with her ATI video card, where her monitor was connected to a DVI slot (her monitor supports multiple connections), but it doesn't ever showing the booting process, only the screen once it hits windows. If I put a regular VGA cable into the VGA port on the video card, it shows the booting process, but won't show anything once you get into windows.

yes i get that on my Radeon X600

Thats as up until it gets to the login screen it uses windows standard graphics driver (no DVI support) but when the login screen loads it switches to the ATI driver (if you look carefuly when using a VGA monitor you can see a slight flicker as it changes)