Hello......I have a 2 week old Dell Dimension w/ Win XP. It's great. Although it is relatively quiet, I notice tonight that the fan is louder. I keep the computer on all the time. Because the humidity has shot up in the last 2 days, and the room was very hot when I opened the door, does the fan have different speeds, in that it is responding to the heat and humidity and running faster?

Am I correct in my assumption, and should I shut the computer down overnight, or when we are not home, when the weather is like it is? I'd appreciate any help..........thank you. :mrgreen:

Some fans have thermal regulation, and I know of people who don't turn thier computers off except when they work on them.

Sometimes, if your motherboard supports the option and the fans are connected to the motherboard, you can control your fan speed through software. SpeedFan works really well and should automatically detect your fans. You will want to read up on the site how to change the fan speeds appropriately. Please note that not many Dell systems, including my own, support fan control through software. It's worth a try though.

If you succeed in slowing down your fans, make sure that you keep your temps low (below 50° preferably). Try to find a nice balance between sound and temp.

If you had a home-built system or didn't care about voiding your warrenty, you could install fan regulators on all your fans so you could manually (or even automatically based on temperature) adjust fan speeds.

LOL... I sent Dell a pre-sales question about whether or not any of their systems supported dynamic fan speeds as dcc suggested. I was curious if your system had that or not (I don't think that it does). I received a very technical tech support response about how to open up the machine, find the fan that was noisy, and how to clean it properly. I love how Dell, one of the largest sellers of PCs, can turn a simple pre-sales question into a tech support question and not answer any of my actual questions.

Politicians, lawyers, and sales people are artist in prevarication.

Which model dell did you purchase?

Politicians, lawyers, and sales people are artist in prevarication.

Which model dell did you purchase?

According to a Dell tech the newer Dimension CPU fans are regulated by a thermistor and fan speed control, but without the model number she couldn't be sure. Nothing like a clear and concise answer. :rolleyes:

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