I just joined DaniWeb and this is my first post here.

I could really use everyone's collective expertise here and I would truly appreciate it because I am totally stumped by what happened.

I have an HP Pavillion runnning Windows XP, nothing very fancy. My wife was working in her office at home and handed me a 1GB Thumb drive and gave me some files to transfer onto the HP Pavillion PC.

I took the USB 2.0 Thumb Drive and out it into one of 3 USB 2.0 ports on the front of the PC. Immediately the cursor/mouse locked up. I rebooted the system, but nothing happened.

I have since rebooted the PC numerous times. The power light comes on , I hear the fans all start-up, but the HD never kicks on and the keyboard never lights up or initializes. Of course, no video output whatsoever to the monitor. Yes, the monitor works fine.

I have pressed F1 repeatedly and removed the batttery and reinstalled it. I have also unplugged and replugged the HD power and connections and pressed every board and memory chip back in.

Could the Thumb Drive actually caused some short or issue, I am totally not knowing what to do or try next. I took the Thumb Drive back and had my wife plug it in and it works fine as well.

Any help or directions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks everyone.

Check the USB jack to see if there is anything stuck inside. Sounds like it shorted.