I have a IBM T22 that I just purchased a new battery for. Its a brand new battery, not a referb. Even though it is fully charged the laptop wont power up about half the time under battery power.

It powers on every time when plugged into the wall. And it powers on normally sometimes under battery power. But other times it does nothing but flash one of the green lights near the power button. I have cleaned the battery connections with alcohol to make sure nothing was dirty, yet that did nothing to fix the problem.

If the unit wont power on with the battery I can plug it in, fire it up, unplug it and it will run 1-2 hours on the new battery. It is just odd that sometimes it will boot from the battery and sometimes it wont.

Does anyone have any suggestions? My girlfriend is getting ready to take this to college and she needs the battery working perfectly.


Even with IBM, defective batteries are not unknown. Get it replaced while still under warranty. They can tell from the code how long it is. Since the T-22 series is now five or six years old, you may have received one that has been on a shelf for years. So you will need that receipt to avoid accusations that you switched batteries.