I, recently i spilt some beer not a lot, so i immediatly turned the Laptop off, and disconnected the battery and the plug, afterwards i cleaned it with some alcohol, and left it to dry, after that i tried to turn it on, and the fans start spinning for like 5 sec than the laptop just turn itself off.
Any ideas??
Btw, do u think if i buy a new board if needed most likely, the keyboard will still work??
Any chances of it screwing the cpu, wich i doubt coz the cpu is in the opopssite side of the board and faced down.

Thank for your help....

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Your board needs a real cleaning. We have rescued a lot of those Toshibas which had coffee or cola spills, so it can be done... depends on how long it was "wet." Alcohol is not as suitable as 1/2 distilled water with 1/2 99% denatured alcohol (not rubbing) and a few cans of difluoroethane gas (canned air). Clean it thoroughly upside down, using small amounts of liquid quickly removed. paying particular attention to circuit lines, crevices, and those little bumpy components. Then let it dry upside down for a week.. a long time... two weeks is better with a very light fan for air movement.


Hi, thanks for your quick reply, ive done everything you said but still the board as the same behaviour, altough its oinly been a week, but still i was wondering if its safe to dive all the board in alcohol and de onized water, ive got some photos here about the laptop.
Just want to know if someone can help me with some questions about a componenet because i dunno if its safe to dive it, and if someone might know whats is broken in the laptop, since it turns on only for 5 sec.

Thank a lot everyone.

Here are some Pics.




It is NIOT safe to dive it. That will ruin it for sure. You might want o have all power components such as fans and cpu removed, cleaned tested, and replaced.
My guess is since the last cleaning didn't work, that you turned it on too soon after it got the beer bath, or it got the bear bath while on, and there is no hope for it.

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