I am new to this forum. I am trying to Install Maxtor Diamond Max 10 100 GB SATA 150 HDD on my old AMD 756 motherboard using VIA Vt6421 SATA PCI adapter.

I installed PCI driver and my operating system (2000) recognizes it as Raid card.
The problem I am having is that when I try to install XP on this new hard drive the operating system doesnt recognize the hard drive on my computer.
Nor does it respond to me pressing F6 when I boot the system. My friend was able to install the XP on my hard drive on HIS computer. However my computer doesnt boot from this harddrive. WHen I connect my old hard drive (2000 on it), new hard drive shows up as a drive letter and when I try to access it, sometimes it takes very long time and sometimes it hangs up.

We suspect your problem is that Windows 2000 which we have on most of our machines will not work with your setup and the VIA adapter. What does the VIA website say?

Do you have all four W2K Service Packs installed. We find that you cannot install this card without all service packs... Windows 2000 is a totally different animal with SP 1 vs SP-3 or SP-4. Also, I find no reference to the fact that Windows 2000 will even work with a SATA drive. If that has beenn documented, I have missed it.

If the service packs are installed, have you visited the Maxtor site to download and use their hard drive install software for the SATA.

Are you trying to combine a non-SATA drive on the same machine with a SATA drive?

i have service pack4. I am trying to make my SATA as primary drive and to be able to boot from it after installing Windows XP on it. However when I try to install XP OS on it, the CD is not able to recognize the drive itself.
No I am discoonecting my Non-SATA drive and keeping only SATA drive while trying to install XP OS on it.

Thanks for your reply. I hop somebody will be able to help me with this problem.

Is your CD-ROM set as the first device in the POST so that you can boot from the CD?

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