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I have acquired a dead computer and would like to try and fix it. The problem is this:

Computer powers up, makes all normal noises, beeps once (although very loudly!) all looks fine. Then where you would expect to see the windows loading screen there is a flash of what might be a blue screen. It's too quick to see what it says. Then it instantly restarts itself and goes onto the windows safe mode screen (the one where you can select how windows loads). At this point the keyboard no longer works, have tried different keyboards both USB and the other way (cant remember the other connection! - pci?) and still no luck so have to wait until the countdown finishes then it goes through the same thing again, doesn't load windows, reboots etc...

I have been into the bios and all looks normal, have removed the soundcard, changed graphics card, changed hard drive but still the same thing happens. Anyone got any ideas? I'm stumped.


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First of all USB keyboards won't work in the boot screen unless the relevant BIOS option is set. Look for USB Legacy Support or USB Emulation.
The small, round colour-coded connections used by mice and keyboard are PS/2 connectors.
As for fixing the PC, I'd suggest a repair or - if that fails - clean installation of windows.


Maybe you really need a new windows installation. The blue screen commonly appears if you have installed a new hardware that causes conflict to the system or in some cases it can also be incorrect motherboard drivers.

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