Hi All, I have a Advent 7090, after recently downloading some software, and with having Virus and Spy-ware protection it came up with missing System 32 hal.ddl on shut down. After several attempts at running Virus and Ad ware etc software, and ignoring all messages to purchase more.
Yesterday would not boot as i had to install above file, as not knowing how to decided to install fresh XP. On doing so mid way though checking drive etc, JUST SHUT DOWN, and now have nothing except flashing battery indicator .

Any help would be appreciated.

Nigel (UK) :sad:

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Possibly a bad hard drive.
The System32 hal.dll shutdown is an automated shutdown routine that differs from manufacturer to manufacturer. There are sources you can find with a Google search to edit or replace your hal.dll. It is a common problem with Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 but a less common error with Windows XP. You should be able to get a replacement hal.dll command from your computer manufacturer. Or if using Service Pack 2, remove, then reinstall from disc the Service Pack 2.
However, your problem sounds more like a hard drive failure.
I would do a low level format. If you have a Windows 98SE floppy boot/system disc, run FDisk to remove, then reinstall the partition, then shutdown, restart, and run the Windows 98 FAT32 format. Then shut down and restart with your restore/recovery disc or Windows disk. If W2K or WXP, reformat using NTFS. Upon install, Run the Service Pack 2 disc (available free if you pay the shipping from Microsoft.)
If none of that works, your hard drive is likely bad and should be replaced.

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