Hi, at the moment i am running:4x512mg kingston ram (2gb), amd 3800+(939), 580W psu, asus a8n sli, 200gb hd, + xfx 7800gtx extreme edition. I am wondering if the cpu is bottlenecking the systems performance at all (when playing games etc.) and if so what new processor would be appropriate???

thanks for any replies

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The only bottleneck I would say is if you have an IDE hard drive. If it's SATA, then no issues. However, what make are your RAM modules? What's their clock speed?


It is a SATA drive and the RAM modules are ddr400 (pc3200) 2xkingston 512mn sticks and 2x512 samsung sticks (although different makes they work fine in dual channel and im not sure of the clock speeds.) Also what dual core processor would be better for gaming between the X2 4400 and the X2 4600??


hello there. First, I am pretty sure you CPU isn't the problem. When you say "bottlenecking" you'll have to be a tad more specific. Out of curiousity, what core is your CPU? San Diego? Venice? etc. Second, it could be the mix n' match of your RAM. Although all are dual channeled, they may not all be laid out the same. ie. different memory banks, volatge requirements, heck, since you didn't post specifics, they could be different speeds. Also, what PSU do you have? Is there plenty of Amps on each rail? Does it have weight to it? Meaning, is it fairly heavy or is it light as a box of cereal? All of these items in question may or may not be isolated. You could have a slowdown caused by xxx problem and thus creating xxx problem on a different component. Please be more specific and post as much info as you can.

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