Ok...I've had my iBook for a few months now, and had no problems until yesterday. My computer froze, and iTunes was skipping. I let it sit, no change. Then, when I restarted it, the Airport didn't boot up. It said "Hardware not found." Ok, so I did what any converted Windows user would do, and restarted it. After booting it in safe mode, restarting, and booting again, it worked. This time though, after a few minutes, I got the "You must restart your computer." screen (so-called Black Screen of Death). Well, now every time I boot up the machine, either the Airport isn't detected, or it is, but I get the Restart screen.

I was told many things to do: PRAM, Disk permissions, booting from the install disk, backing up and re-installing, Hardware checker, and as a last resort: Gettinga pro to do it.

Any idea what the problem might be, or how I can get it fixed? To my knowledge, the laptop is under warranty, but I have no idea if it's a hardware or software issue.

Feel free to PM me or post here.

Thanks. :cheesy:

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Some times the simples sollution is the best. Have you tried restarting the airport? I have an older airport and it looses the printer sometimes and I just have to restart it

Believe me, I've tried. I've run the Hardwar Checker, I've run a clean install, etc., etc. I'm in the process of testing it from an external Firewire drive to see where the problem lies, but it's pretty much new territory for me.

Recently (today), I've been getting the "Black screen" if the machine runs for more than 3 minutes or so.

Oh, how I wish I could go out and buy a new MacBook. >.<

This is trouble some. have you tried to reinstall Mac OS X? am I safe to assume that your hardware is all standared? If you feel comfterable with it, now I am not sure about the new iBooks can do this as easy as the older ones, but take a look inside and make sure non of your hardware is loose.

have you tried reseating your airport card yet? And if you do an install.. look at the advice on this board ... it worked for me on a couple of ibooks and mac minis at work.

As far a the itunes .. 7.0 was giving me a few problems .. but when i loaded the later versions I was OK.

I'm actually now certain it's a hardware problem. I tried booting it up from the install disk, and from an external harddrive to make sure none of the software or harddisk was corrupted. It crashed both times, and no regularly crashes minutes from booting up.

As for taking it apart: Not only would that void the warranty on it, but I've learned that the iBooks are extremely difficult to navigate, even for one seasoned in laptop setups.

I'm bringing it in to the nearest Apple store once I get the proof of purchase sent to me. Hopefully they can fix it up decently.

good luck .. i hope you get your workhorse fixed and back running... the ones that I was working on were all of warranty. but when its off warranty or apple care .. they ae pretty easy to take apart just as long as you are organized patient and methodical .. you know I made gun blankets for each of the computers or accessories that i take apart .. the "gun blanket is a cloth that is outlined ... i got into the habit when I was an armourer... you take an old sheet, video camera or still camera and a sharpie.. you take pictures and you outline and put a number or letter by it as reference. When your through.. you fold the sheet up and put it in a labled zip lock.

here's to getting your ibook fixed! May it be fixed and have and excellent recovery :)

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