I am not exactly sure what speed RAM my computer is currently using, either pc2100 or pc2700. Is it ok to mix speeds of RAM, ie add either a 2700 or 3200? I've gotten conflicting reports from sites with my computer's model. Is there any good place or program to check my specs?

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Freshdiagnose is a freeware program that is nice to use to check out your hardware. It's available from download.com

You CAN mix RAM (PC2100 and PC2700 for example) but it will run at the lowest setting. For example, mixing a stick of PC2100 and PC2700 would run ONLY at PC2100 speed...aka 266Mhz unless you overrided it manually...which is tough to tweak to the right setting. It's easier to just get the same type of RAM with the same latency.

Thanks. It will automatically run at the lower setting right?

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As long as you have it set to SPD in your BIOS....see your motherboard manual for more info on BIOS settings.

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