I have a motherboard K7AMA2 with Socker 462, my problem is, when i plugged the cable to the power supply, my computer start automatically, the cpu fan also running but nothing can view in screen, there's also no beeps. I tried to pulled out all IDE cables power, and jumper to the HDD LED, Power, and REset swtich but same problem. its automatically start. please help me

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your problem is that your mobo connectors to your case are connected wrong. Look at your manual and the LED, PWR LED, SPKR, HDD LED, RSET SWTCH configurations. you probably got a wire or two crossed. Try flipping them the other way if you've double checked and they are correct. The white side of each connector is always either the negative or positive. Its ALWAYS one of those, but at this point in time, I am afraid I cannot remember. Need sleep.

check the internal connections of ur computer i think they are wrongly connected

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