Hi there,

My son's PC suddenly stopped working after 2 years without problem.

The power wouldn't even come on so I changed the plug fuse. Still no power. So opened it up and checked all cables etc, blew out dust. Tried to turn it on and it worked. I should have left it at that!

However, I had some RAM lying about from an old PC that I'd promised to fit for him ages ago. So I thought, why not now? However, the RAM didn't fit in the slot properly and is probably the wrong type of RAM.

So, put it all back together and now I have white squares all over the screen. You can see Windows in the backgorund, but it's bearly ledgible.

I think I might have done some damage trying to force the RAM in. I never went near the Graphics card, so is it possible that I've been heavy handed and somehow caused these white squares? The RAM slot looks fine with no sign of damage.

Any help greatfully appreciated by me, and especially my son over the holidays!


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well.... as you said maybe its the ram try getting it out and insert the memory again firmly... but as I suppose computer wont run on a unproperly set ram, maybe is the video card or even the monitor, that happened to me once in a pc at work and what i did was changing up the monitor and it work, anyways i think is the video card or the monitor.... computer couldnt run with a unproperly set video card

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