I've recently purchased an Inspiron 9400 laptop with the works, no upgrade on the speakers or sound card though, I didn't have the option.

Anways, so far everything works fine I suppose, except for this speaker issue. Recently I've noticed that when I play loud sounds through my speakers, I can hear a crackling or buzzing sound. It seems to occur more on lower pitched noices, like a male voice talking or bass in a song. It also seems to be comming mostly from one side of the laptop, so I'm assuming only one of the speakers has a problem.

It's not too severe, but it can get annoying hearing this kind of static whenever a loud noise happens in a movie or when I get an instant message. I haven't been blasting my speakers at full strength, but It sounds as though one of my speakers may be blown, if that's even possible.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Laptop speakers blow easily when over-driven. Try external speakers for a test. If they sound good, your other speakers are bad and need to be repalced.

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