Im having some issues with my H.D . I used to have 2 partitions on a single HD, but one day i messed up, I was using some partition software(by acronis to be exact)and i dicided to delete one(with a corrupted winxp installation)wich was a huge chunk of my HD. Now i cant use this partition, and i cant perform any operations on it what so ever, i always get error messages.

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Do you have you OS installed on the other partition or are you without a OS on it now? If not I would wipe the drive, repartition is and reinstall the OS on a partition by itself.

The advantage of having you OS on a separate partition is that you can reinstall the OS without wiping the drive and losing all of your files on the other partition.


actually i had 2 winxp oses the one i have now is 32bit version, but on the corrupted partition was a 64bit version. i still have xp32 working compleatly right now, its just that now im running out of space from the other womping partition (50gigs). All i want to do is disallocate that huge partition and combind it with my current one. The only problem is when i try to do anything to this corrupted patition, it usually tells me that it cant write to it(with acronis disc director).


I'm not familiar with that Acronis disk manager, and I couldn't access the user's guide form their home page...Adobe wouldn't load...so I can't help you with that. Acronis has a good reputation, I'm surprised that you are having trouble using it, maybe someone here will be able to help with the instructions.

If you have the XP disk with the product code it might be quicker to just wipe the drive and reinstall the OS.

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