hello eveery one
i have a problum last when i working on my computer it was ok i shut down it , next day when i start my computer i don't start post. but it aslo gave me no beaf or any other information , i chang my cpu. then change power suppy ,vga every thing .but it is same , now somebody tell me that ur pc bios is erased . soo plz help me what i do now next.

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If you've made all those hardware changes, then you will probably need to reset the CMOS memory, which would reset all settings to default values, before the system will boot.

Power down, disconnect the power cord, open it up and remove the CMOS battery. Wait at least a few minutes before replacing it and seeing if the system will boot.

If you've replaced the cpu with one which is unsupported by the system BIOS, you will need to put the older cpu back in, and perhaps even update the BIOS to allow the system to recognise the new cpu

hello u mean that first my mother board is ok. i only remove the cell , and replace it with a new one.. plz

No, I mean pull the battery out, wait a bit, put the battery back in.

That should clear the CMOS settings and set them back to factory default values. It gives you a 'starting point' for trying to get things working.

While you're in there, check that all cables and connectors are firmly in place, and that all cards etc are firmly in their slots.

i remove the cell . put it again in ,replace it with a new one too. but it don't display
. i also change the agp , repace a vga too. but there is no beaf and no display. i alsoo change the power supply too.
what i doo next plz

Some technical details next please?

Make and model of motherboard, make and model of processor, what type of RAM are you using?

We need to know what the components are that you're working with if we are going to be able to help.

this computer i using from last year ,it is ok and ok. but when i install win xp on it it gave an option of upgrade of bios version. i don't upgrade and continue with that i insstall the xp . i us xp up to 6 month ...

A quick question:

Did you turn it off and disconnect the power cord from it before you started changing all those parts? If you didn't, you've possibly blown it up! there's still power inside even when you've 'Shut Down' if the power cord is still plugged in.

Beyond that, we need some technical details please. Names, numbers.........

every thing is it is not blown ....i have shut down it before takeing iny changes.
the specification are

the processor is intel 450 mmx single edge contact .
mother b. intel chap pci ...made in taiwan.... on another chip is written is
ite. and its color is yellow deep. year 1999.
bios is award 1998 model .
atx power
RAM any 100 ,sd ram,
agp creative lab. 4 mb..

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