Recently, I've had a lot of trouble with my PC. First, it started going really slow, so I deleted a bunch of stuff and defraged using an awesome program called Diskeeper. Then, I installed Intel Application Accelerator, to increase my disk performance. I started making a backup using R-Drive Image.

I was mainly using information provided to me by, is that a good source to use? Safe and all? I've heard nothing bad, never really researched though.

Anyways, the problem started when I installed a new driver for my graphics card. I don't remember exactly in which order things happened, but I think I installed a new driver, and it didn't load properly(yellow exlimation in device manager). Ever since, it has not been loading properly on startup, and I have to disable/enable it in order for it to work.

I'm running with a crappy system, Intel Pentium 4 2.66ghz, 1gb ram, 64mb integrated graphics.. yeah that one they keep talking about, the 82845G.

Prior to everything screwing up, I was able to run most games. I am somewhat of a game addict, WoW most recently, seem to be able to play it decently, running with 20-30 FPS - not the best, but I don't exactly know any different, my computer has never been great.

I am not a computer guru, but I know pretty well what's going on with my system. I cannot for the life of me understand whats going on now. There are no new processes on my task manager, one extra on msconfig "dumprep 0 -k" - not sure what it does, but it came when installing the graphics driver I think.

Any suggestions as to how I may fix this problem? Please let me know, I will reply updating when I get back from work tomorrow, around 1am Eastern Time (GMT -05:00).


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I would recommend uninstalling your current drivers then installing them again but with the cd that came with your system
also it would be nice for you to run once a trail of system mechanic 7 from

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I tried uninstalling them and reinstalling them with up-to-date drivers, but I don't have the CD that came with the system. Don't think it came with one when I think back.

I tried the system mechanic thing, it did nothing for my graphics. I don't understand, every scan I do says my graphics are working fine.

wat i meant was dont update ur graphic witht he up-to-date graphics
try and older version of the graphics to see if the new version is causing problems
i had the same problem with my geforce 6600 when the version 80 graphics came out i installed them and my games would crash really fast
i uninstaleld and used the previus version and i ddint had problems

oh ok I'll try to find an older version and install them, I'll post results asap

Have an older version installed and it is still doing the same thing. I'm going to bed now, be on in around 12 hours. Thanks for the try though!

then you last chance would be back up your important data if you have some then reformat. maybe some bad windows update is causing this

Are you sure? :(

Thanks a bunch.. This sucks

Resolved! It was the incorrect driver, thanks for all the help! Found one that worked.

lol.. so you were installing bad drivers all the time?
anyway make sure you dont do that in the future

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