This laptop (purchased 9/2006 - Windows XP OS)worked fine last night, went to shut it down for the night, had Windows updates to download - closed it up...
This morning I'm getting odd error messages and the system won't boot. It is under warranty so I will call DELL support tonight; but has anyone had a problem with a downloaded update causing their system to not respond??? Had to be what happened.....

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I doubt this would be a dell error, sounds more like an OS error. What did dell say after you called them?

Just got home and am running systems tests now before I get Dell on the phone. I've got some error codes that I'll pass on to them...I just thought this was strange...all was well before the 'automatic updates' ran...I'll post the outcome.

My main reason in posting this was to see if anyone else had experienced this

eta: the notebook is under warranty so I'm assuming all is covered? 4 months since purchase

On the phone with Dell for 1.5 hours---didn't know what happened....system restore.....:(

Did the system restore solve the problem? Would you please post the exact error messages.

Yes, it solved the problem as my system is back to where it was when I purchased the laptop 4 months ago; BUT the problem as I see it is that an automatic update from Windows caused this. I am now extremely cautious about downloading / installing them.

error codes were:
iphlpapi.dll application not found (this was on start up)

I then ran an express test and received these error codes:
1.error code 3600:0649
msg. Invalid AC adapter reported
2. error code OFOO:065D
msg: IDE device failed. The self test failed the rad portion of the test

DSI short status test
Test results - fail
error code: 1000-0146
msg: unit 0 : DSI log contains previous errors

It's not unusuall to get the occasional corrupted download, these things happen. I've had problems installing drivers from a CD, and even W2k which I've used many times in the past, this one time it wouldn't recognize the product code. Go figure.

I'm sure that was the case; just made me leary of the auto d/l.....

general rule for winupdate is never install any of the optional or hardware ones - only tthe critical ones - get any hardware/optional ones only if you need them, and fromn the manufacturers website.

Did you try to Run the test without the AC ADAPTER?


If the Adapter is disconnected while trying to do the test for the laptop this usually comes out as an error message when you run the test.

I am in search of an answer. i turned on my computer and found this black screen with a lot of writing. i performed a test and this error code 6536:0649 came up can anyone help? I dont wantt to lose any information that i have on my computer. Thank you

Oh yeah by the way my computer is a Dell Insirion B130 sorry

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