I am torn between 2 options
That kit has a 32bit 3.06GHz processor which is better than my 2.50 GHz

Or this kit:
which has a 64bit 2.00GHz processor

Right now I am running XP, but I will probably end up getting Vista, so in the long run I am sure it would be better getting the 64bit one.

Few questions, how much slower would the 64bit one be comparded to my current machine, I really don't do anything other than internet, webdev and word processing.

Are there any appliactions that don't run on 64bit yet, such has Office etc..?


depending on your current machine the 64-bit could be faster. ghz is not an accurate measure of speed for amd processors because they can actually compete with intel systems with much higher ghz.

personally i would go for the 64bit cos its looks much better for future upgrades and has a better processor for games.

up to u mate, depends on how you'd use it

yep, I went ahead and bought the 64bit one :D

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