as the title says i recently purchased a new motherboard, an Asus A7N8XE-Deluxe infact. the instlation went without a problem, but before windows loads i get a blue screen of death. I dont know what is causing this and i dont think i can even reformat because i dont think it gets far enough to check if there is a boot disk in the drive. please help.

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Try re-installing windows. Try booting from the windows cd & reinstalling windows. If practical I would also narrow down other faults by stripping all the extra hardware from your case. I.E. take out all the Isa,PCI & if possible the AGP cards. I would also remove all the memory chips except for the highest capacity ram chip. Tell us a bit more about your machine & what windows version your using. whether it was a "clean" install or an existing windows version.


Windows XP does not like having a motherboard swapped out - as you've just discovered! You can just reinstall Windows as sennetor suggested, or try a repair through booting off the Windows XP CD and selecting the relevant option instead of a fresh install.

Make sure the PC is set to check for a boot disc in the CD drive first. The option is located in your motherboard's BIOS setup (ususally accessed by pressing the del key when prompted).

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