I need help recovering a few days worth of photos in Barcelona off my 20 GB flashtrax, it is essentially a 20gb portable usb2.0 hard drive with a CF card reader, it acts as a portable hard drive, so I imagine any data recovery tools that would work for portable hard drives would work for this, but I'm having trouble finding anything at this point.
I'm on my friend's 15" power book at a star bucks, and would have to run any data recovery off this computer, so far all I've seen is for pc, if it has to be from a pc i can arrange that.
Is this doable?
Please help!?!?!?
Thanks in advance

I Found and used this programs the other day and it worked well. It's a small very easy to use application called Salvage Recovery™ for Windows and is easy to use. I just had to recover the deleted file to a different drive to keep from overwriting, etc.

You can find it easily if you just run a search in google for: Salvage Data Recovery Lab Inc.

i got help when my pc crashed for a good price and quick recovery time from gillware.com. they could probably help you recover information off of your broken drive.

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