Hi guys, it seems like everytime I type some characters and numbers which I didn't touch will appear, like as in if I type hello it will turn into he///ll//o oe something like that. I have got this problem with my previous computer and this is indeed frustrating as I have to backspace and retype. Is it some kind of virus or programming error? By the way my computer is a 10 month old Dell Dimension 3100. And it seems like the problem is currently gone. But it does resurface every now and then. Experts please help:cheesy:

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Is the problem computer specific or keyboard specifc (ie if you use another keyboard on your computer does it happen? or if you use your keyboard on another computer does it happen?


Hey Turbo .. I'm no expert but.I had an intermittent poblem kinda like that that on an old dell inspiron laptop... my 1-q-a-z keys would act weird or just not work occasionally... i didthe keyboard swap and i also took the keyboard out of the laptop and used it on another laptop ... I also took the keycaps of and tweaked and cleaned the switches. I also check the drivers ... I finally switched operating systems on the computer and its been working fine ever since.

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